Brand Positioning and Growth

Having a logo isn’t enough. Why brand positioning helps you stand out…

Unlike the design and creation of your physical brand, which are the elements of course, that your customers can actually see, the next step in your branding journey is just as important. Sure, the logo is wonderful, the colours look blistering and crisp, but if no one can see it, then your efforts and resources are mostly for nothing. Luckily, Midway Marketing are experts when it comes to brand positioning and growth, and that’s exactly what this page is all about.

But what exactly is brand positioning and growth, you ask?

Quite simply, it refers to what comes after your brand has been creatively established. In fact, and once you have formed a clear vision, a fun, identifiable logo, a certain colour scheme, and a collection of core messages, then it’s time to really ramp things up and enter the bustling, online marketplace with all guns blazing. We’ve already established that we can help create your brand, but we can also cement its place within the digital landscape, and really accelerate its growth and overall reach.

And that’s where your conversions come from.

In other words, we at Midway Marketing want your brand in the front of your customers minds. We want your brand, be it your name, your logo, or a combination of two, to be the first thing they think of whenever the conversation revolves around your specific industry. We want your brand to surpass others. To stand alone, accrue online popularity, and with a reputation that only propels it further towards exponential and scalable growth. This is how we help do that:

How Midway Marketing can position and grow your brand

While we offer a huge range of online marketing services, including social media campaigns, SEO and CRO services, website architecture and video marketing (all elements that contribute anyway to your brand’s digital presence) having a clear brand positioning strategy is key. Here’s how we go about it:

  1. We will analyze and review your current brand positioning and its digital presence, as well as its overall strength in the marketplace
  2. Identify and report on your current competitors so that we can identify industry standards, as well as what your target audience want and don’t want
  3. Furthermore, we will look at each of your main competitors and the way they are positioning their brand
  4. From there, we will implement a distinct and high-quality positioning angle, which will incorporate new and relevant content, social media campaigns, unique offers, and personalized strategies
  5. And finally, create a brand positioning statement and catchy tagline that will further cement your brand’s image in the minds of your customers