Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective way to talk directly to your customers. They’re waiting to hear from you…

Email Marketing is an effective online tool that not only engages with your customers and keeps them in the proverbial loop. but it also offers the utility of helping grow your audience while increasing the amount of traffic and even conversions on your website.

Powerful stuff, if done correctly.

Thankfully, Midway Marketing are one of the best new marketing companies out there who as well as providing a full range of online marketing and consultation services, dedicate genuine resources to the implementation of effective email marketing. We can accelerate your conversions with automated, weekly or monthly email campaigns, transactional emails in regards to sign ups and order confirmations, as well as trigger emails based upon the online maneuvering and interaction of your customers.

In other words, gently confirm their initial interest in the hopes of a juicy conversion.

Obviously, with most email inboxes around the world filling, and sometimes daily, with endless advertising and even spam, having a clear, personalized email marketing strategy is crucial. Midway Marketing has a team of expert email marketing staff, well-versed and highly experienced with the ins and outs (mind the pun) of crafting the perfect email, and as such, we have had excellent results thus far. We also offer flexible solutions when it comes to your email marketing strategy, in which you can leave it all to us as a fully-managed service or rather, adopt a co-managed or even self-serviced option, once, of course, we have put the wheels in motion. We cater to all budgets, and will work closely with you, as we will with all the other aspects of your marketing strategy, in order to analyze, create, and implement the best email marketing campaign moving forward.

How Midway Marketing can help with your Emails

Rather than just offer a generic, once a week correspondence where the patterns are mostly ignored, Midway Marketing pays close attention to the analytics of your web traffic, and the behavior patterns of your customers and potential customers. After all, we are technicians. Marketing analysts. Reporting enthusiasts with a thirst for hard data and a yearning for results-driven work.
At the end of the day, direction is key, especially in the world of online marketing, and what is a journey without the appropriate coordinates?
With that being said, and as well as surveying the competition and devising reports and a campaign as a result of those reports, Midway Marketing will make sure that your email campaign includes tailored product recommendations, new product ranges, store promotions, cart issues (where your customers may be ‘bouncing’ or falling just short of a sale) and do it in a way that feels natural and non-invasive. There’s a fine line between regular engagement and pushing too hard too quickly, and at Midway, we have perfected that balance with the aid of technical analysis, trial and error, different method implementations, and regularly monitoring the online marketplace.

At Midway Marketing, your email campaigns are in good hands. Send us an email today 😉