Mass or Targeted Reach Campaigns

Midway Marketing is a name in the online marketing world that simply gets things right.

From increasing conversion rates and building traffic through SEO strategies, to social media campaigns and website development, we in effect, do it all. While implementing a strategic and personalised marketing strategy, something, of course, that all businesses should have, the question of just who to target can often arise.

And when you’re talking about targeting audiences through various marketing campaigns, there are only really two options:

Mass or targeted reach campaigns.

Which is better? Mass or Targeted Marketing?

While on paper, targeting as many people as you can may figure as the better option, we at Midway Marketing like to offer perspective. Sure, it’d be great to reach thousands, if not tens of thousands of people all at once as part of a mass reach marketing campaign, and if we can see the potential, then we will most certainly recommend it. While mass marketing is often the more expensive option, the marketing messages that will be presented usually need to be as broad and as universal as possible, in order to ensnare as many prospective customers. It needs to appeal to the average user. The daily browser. The bored customer.

This type of mass reach campaign is like throwing the fishing net into the ocean, as opposed to a single rod.

Metaphors aside, and while this method can obviously work and drive leads and potential sales for your business, sometimes such an option can become diluted, watered down, generic…and easily ignored.

Conversely, having a much more personalised and targeted marketing campaign, can actually yield better results. Midway Marketing will perform all the necessary analytical reporting on your current customers, competitors, and industry as a whole as part of our market and industry research, in order to really tailor your marketing efforts. It is no wonder, considering how much content and advertising there is in the digital space, that people like to feel a personal connection to a brand or marketing campaign, and thus, can often spur greater engagement and even conversions.

That’s what we want.

Targeted marketing campaigns are not only effective for specific products and services, but they also allow you greater flexibility, the ability to speak to directly to your target audience, and create a positive stream of communication. Creating conversations in this day and age have never been more important, and target marketing can certainly do that.

Again, while both target and mass marketing campaigns can work, Midway Marketing will sit down with you and really flesh out where you’re out as a brand, as a business, and the types of goals you wish to achieve. We are here for you, no matter the direction you wish to go.

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