Social Media Campaigns

Midway Marketing boasts a unique and creative
marketing flair to help your brand thrive.

We are essentially marketers, content creators, SEO and CRO specialists, but considering how universal social media has become in recent years, not to mention the shifting landscape of online marketing as a whole, having a solid social media campaign is crucial. It really is. It is not surprise to anyone really, with the proliferation of smartphones and the endless stream of uploads, pictures, videos, and advertisements, that most of today’s leading brands place a significant amount of resource and time into their social media strategies. Sure, you can easily create profiles on Facebook and Instagram and post randomly at your discretion, but having a clear and well-devised strategy with achievable goals is where you’ll maximise your efforts.

Enter, Midway Marketing

As well as devising a marketing strategy from the get-go, in which incorporates all aspects of online marketing, we especially pay close attention to your social media campaigns. They can be the make or break aspect in the digital landscape, and if you get it wrong, then your business and brand in general, can quite easily slip into oblivion.

And obviously, we don’t want that.

Where in the past, your advertising and marketing resources were funnelled into specific locations with a focus on the ‘when,’ nowadays, and in almost any location in the world, your business and brand can be seen by millions on their humble (or not so humble) hand-held devices. This is huge. With nearly half of the entire world’s population now using social media as part of their daily interactions, having an undeniable digital presence is almost as important as any other aspect of your business marketing. In addition to your website, your social media is a vital tool in not only growing your business, but scaling it, long into the future.

Here’s what Midway Marketing can do you for your social media:

  1. We create strategic and personalised social media strategies in order to increase your target audience, engage with your current clientele, and establish your digital presence in the world of online trade.
  2. Following on from this, we will analyse your current social media offerings (if you have any) and then devise a strategy for each social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even YouTube.
  3. While extending your brand into the world of social media, we will also optimize your website to ensure all of your social media platforms and links are correctly embedded and available to your growing audience
  4. We will, through online methods and our effective marketing strategies and content creation, generate Facebook likes and shares, new Instagram and Twitter Followers, and provide an engaging interface for all platforms.
  5. Once we have set it all up, we won’t leave you in the dark. Midway Marketing will also provide ongoing assistance and business consultation, should you need it.
    It’s time to start posting!