Web Design & Development

Midway Marketing is all about conversions.

While we offer personalized online marketing services, ranging from SEO strategies and social media campaigns, to video marketing and email, our ultimate goal is to capitalize on your increased traffic with the hopes of converting. Sure, it’s great to generate web traffic and have your social media blow up, but if your customers and target audience aren’t following through when it comes to sales or even the subscribing stage, then all that effort is for mostly nothing.

Enter, the humble (or not so humble) website.

Your brand’s website is your foundation. Your bedrock of which all of your digital assets and catalogues are built. It projects your vision, your branding presence, your marketing messages, and is the online headquarters of operation. Midway Marketing have a highly experienced team of web designers, and we have built some truly beautiful, user-friendly sites in our time, just like we can with your site. With a focus on both UX and UI, and with an eye on the overall aesthetics of your branding and colour schemes, menus and embedded videos, Midway Marketing is a name that is synonymous with high quality websites.

What we offer

Midway Marketing can customize and create from scratch, stunning websites and digital catalogues, and will offer ongoing support and technical maintenance, should you need it. While building a website may seem like a daunting task, we will ensure that the process, from development and design, to going ‘live,’ is as pleasant as possible. We want you to feel at peace. Relaxed, and satisfied with your website, which of course, will you allow you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

That’s what
we can do for you.

It goes without saying that your website is an extension of your brand and business, so having the best possible site will go a long way in engaging with your target audience. Not only this, the team at Midway (which is made up of content creators, marketing specialists, and web design technicians) will optimize your new site and do all the things that you don’t technically ‘see.’ SEO. Competitor analysis. Website architecture and error-fixes. Crawlability.

The list is a long one, and we cover it all.

Here’s a summary of what Midway Marketing can do for your website:

  1. Create stunning designs which will enhance your digital presence
  2. Focus strongly on both UX and UI (which refers to the navigation and user-friendly aspects, as well as the overall look of your site.)
  3. Do all the technical work to ensure your site ranks on google, in order to make your content relevant
  4. Correct any internal errors with links, redirects, metadata etc
  5. And do everything we can to increase your coznversion rate and overall engagement