Marketing Experts: A name you can trust

While the name Midway may sound familiar (considering we’ve been in business for over 40 years as Midway Print Solutions) Midway Marketing is a new branch under the same brand, but a company that is much more digitally oriented and online-savvy. We’re the internet team, the brand-builders, the digital specialists, the content creators, and the social media gurus.


Our Marketing Strategies

You need a marketing strategy in today’s online world, and not just a strategy, but a good one. That’s exactly what Midway Marketing is about.

  • Business Growth Consultation While we at Midway Marketing offer premium online marketing services and content creation
  • Market & Industry Research Midway Marketing is more than just an online marketing company.
  • Mass or Targeted Reach Campaigns Midway Marketing is a name in the online marketing world that simply gets things right.
  • Brand Positioning and Growth Unlike the design and creation of your physical brand, which are the elements of course
  • Our Services
  • Search Engine Optimisation This is where we focus specifically on ranking on Google, appearing in the appropriate forums and areas of the web that your target audience
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation After increasing your web traffic and overall engagement, it’s time to turn those numbers into leads. Be it subscriptions, sign-ups, email inquiries, and sales, conversions are everything.
  • Social Media Campaigns Social Media is everywhere, and as such, it’s important to implement clear and strategic campaigns to boost sales, increase engagement, and solidify your brand’s digital presence.
  • Email Marketing In a world of endless correspondence, where everyone is vying for attention, having an effective email strategy is a no brainer. Clear, strategic, and sale-boosting marketing is crucial, and emails certainly play a part.
  • Digital CataloguesThere’s no point in having wonderful products or services if your digital catalogues and online stores are a mess. User friendly and efficient are the foundation, and we can create that for you.
  • Video Marketing It’s no surprise that video marketing is now the number one form of advertising online. With professional and effective video marketing, your brand can only grow and thrive.
  • Design, Branding & Creative You need to establish a strong brand presence in the digital minefield that is modern day marketing. Let us forge you a memorable brand aesthetic, be it logos, colour schemes, or online assets.
  • Web Design & Development Your website is your hub. Your central point. Your business headquarters. It reflects your core values, important messages, your brand presence, and digital catalogues. Let us help you design and develop one.

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