Why SEO is so Important

While the SEO landscape has certainly shifted in recent time, with Google rolling out all sorts of new algorithms, the implementation of SEO protocols is certainly still an imperative component to any digital marketing strategy. While marketers and content creators need to shift with the times and be privy to Google’s new approach (that primarily focuses on creating a more organic realm predicated on behavioural patterns and genuine problem solving, rather than the tried and true method of ‘tricking the system’) it is important to note that your SEO strategies should never be ignored or abandoned.

In this article, Midway Marketing will take a look at some of the ways you can use the new, organic landscape of SEO to your advantage, and help build your brand’s online presence.

Midway Marketing’s 5 Key factors to consider when trying to improve your SEO strategies:

  1.  In short, and regardless of the conjecture and conflicting opinions about Google’s changes, SEO still works. That’s right. Despite the ongoing adjustments to algorithms and the overall direction that Google is taking, SEO is still one of the most important aspects to focus on as a marketer. Again, some of the more traditional methods won’t work as effectively anymore (and may even incur a penalty) but as long as you’re producing great content, user-friendly navigation, while employing the basics of SEO, your site and content as a whole is sure to rank higher than those who don’t take such an approach. In the past, where perhaps there were ‘tricks’ and shortcuts available that would boost your rankings in a disingenuous way, Google’s new approach to SEO positively weeds out the superficial, the irrelevant, and the just plain useless, in favour of optimized, good and reputable content. From an SEO perspective, it simply means that if you care about the content you’re putting out, and you have a basic understanding of what SEO is, then you’re in a much better position than you were years ago.
  2. Despite the ongoing changes, SEO will be around for a long time yet. Indeed, and while considering the organic approach and the evolution of SEO, Midway Marketing (as well as other online marketing hubs) are certain when we say that SEO will remain a strong and effective marketing approach, long into the future. While the landscape of content has undoubtedly shifted to video and audio (as opposed to long bodies of text) the keywords that are still associated with those types of offerings, will forever be at the core of any online search, and thus, a focus on SEO will always be part and parcel of digital inquiry.
  3. SEO is relatively costeffective and worth the investment.  When we compare the benefits of an effective SEO strategy with the costs, let’s say, of PPC advertising and other forms of advertising (such as social media marketing) SEO will always come in as the most financially efficient. Yes, PPC advertising may have the utility of creating more revenue in the short term, and yes, social media is obviously a powerful marketing tool in its own right, but with a strong SEO focus, you can be assured that your online presence will remain strong and clear, especially in today’s world where everyone googles everything. Without a focus on SEO, you’re missing out on all those google searches in which your business would otherwise appear.
  4. You want a healthy market share, don’t you?  Obviously, the answer is yes for any modern business, and when we consider that nearly 90% of consumers in this digital day and age search for online reviews and summaries before they commit to a particular brand or service, it is imperative that your business shows up. How? Simply, and with the new organic algorithms in place, paying close attention to your online presence and your SEO strategies are crucial. In other words, if you don’t strengthen your organic SEO methods but your competitors do, guess whose brand will appear during such a huge volume of searches and industry research. Exactly. Not yours.
  5. Content. Content . Content. We’ve all heard the expression ‘content is king,’ but nowadays, such a sentiment has never been more relevant. As it appears, and with every ongoing update and alteration that Google (and other search engines) ultimately implement and experiment with, the way your website is now analysed has become a lot different to those from the past. It is now more content driven, with an eye for the organic, the natural, and the ‘non-cheating’ variety of SEO implementation, and as such, it is imperative that you focus on these things moving forward.

To reiterate, they are looking for quality, regular frequency, and certain indicators (such as social media analytics and overall engagement) that now all contribute directly to your online rankings. Where, in the past, your content profile wasn’t as important as the more technical back-end happenings and loop-hole exploiting, Google now are prioritising healthy content profiles, useability, and active sites that regularly add new, relevant substance..

So, there you have it. Five genuine points and methods to ponder moving forward with your SEO strategies, should you choose to follow through. If you’d like to talk to Midway Marketing about how we can help you with your SEO (as well as all of our other marketing services) then get in touch with us today.