Video Marketing

Video marketing is now the number one form of online marketing in the world.

It encourages engagement, it captures your message or sales pitch in a way that no other digital offering can, and when you consider that nearly half of the world’s population use social media, having quality, strategic videos as part of your marketing is super important.

And that’s exactly what we create here at Midway Marketing.

Quality. Effective video targeting, and personalized production.

Gone are the days where you could simply produce leaflets and other print media or rely on word of mouth in regards to getting your message out there. Although word of mouth has always been an effective way to develop trust and a sense of loyalty, in the digital space – a world that is always growing– word of mouth simply translates to ‘shares.’

Shared links and articles | Shared photos | And most importantly, shared videos.

Build your brand and engage with your audience with effective video marketing

Midway Marketing, with our research team of marketers and content creators. know that nearly 70% of all businesses today use video marketing to reach their audience. A huge number, we’re sure you can agree, but a number too, that is continuing to grow. Daily. Naturally, and with any such growth, the landscape shifts often, even as much as where photos are no longer the go-to in the online world, especially in business.

Video, it’s safe to say, is king

While we at Midway Marketing focus on all aspects of online marketing, we know that if you are one of the few businesses out there who currently don’t use videos, then unfortunately, you’re missing out on a huge slice of the pie. Luckily, we boast an excellent team of videographers and design specialists with a focus on video production, and as such, can work with you to not only grow your brand and reach a wider audience, but come up with videos that will have them continually engaging. More engagement, ultimately paves the way for more conversions, something, of course, we all want.

Why Video Marketing?

As well as making for shareable content (the ‘word of mouth’ system, only digital) creating quality videos that promote your business instills a level of trust. Your customers see more. Hear more, and usually, have a face to put to your brand, or at the very least, a personal offering that goes a long way in establishing loyalty. While photos and emails are great, it’s videos that really capture attention.

Another important aspect of using video marketing is that Google loves videos. The longer your customers stay when visiting your site, the more it tells google that your content is good. Clear. And most importantly, relevant. Say what you will, but you are far more likely to be found on google with an embedded video on your site, than not having one.

Not to mention the social media currency it provides.
So, if you’ve thinking about investing in video marketing, or aren’t happy with your current strategy, Midway Marketing is always ready to talk.